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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  September 30, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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did you drink that many cans of bore? >> i can say like other nows store tore but not with pigs. >> it is what happens when her husband's friends come over. >> that can't be a tribute anywhere. >> america's nows with bill and allison starts right now. >> what is your vision for the show? . look it is the hot time of day. breaking news and you have news makers and all of the stuff going on. >> and i want to do water cooler stories. >> right, right. what time do we do the show? >> 1 o'clock on the east. >> 1 o'clock. sister we have to roll. save that baggily. >> oh my gosh. >> lose that curler in your hair.
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come on. >> all right. we really are ready. welcome to our very first days on america's news headquarters. >> your hair looks better. >> we are all in and ready to go. let's role. 11 hours to go until the government shuts up shop. a white house briefing the start in minutes. and jay carney will be grilled on the encroaching deadline. everybody is waiting on the senate. they took the weekend off and convene in an hour and house speaker john boehner said he's tired of waiting on the senate. >> it is time for the senate to listen to the american people just like the house listened to the american people and pass a one year delay of obama care and permanent repeal of the medical device tax.
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>> we are waiting live on the hill. starting our coverage this hour, doug, what is happening? >> just about an hour the senate is expected to gavel in and harry reid will end the two table component of the house resolution that the senate finds so objectionable. that is one year delay of the implementation of obama carry and repeal of the medical device tax. 11 hours to go with a government shutdown, there is no effort for reconciliation and both sides are talking over one another. john boehner on the house floor, defended the house version of the continued house resolution and delay and implementation of obama care. >> this law is not ready for prime time. the house has done its work. we passed a bill on saturday night and sent it to the united states senate to delay obama
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care one year and stop the medical device tax that is going to save jobs from overseas. >> a group of senate democratic female members claimed that the house cr would deny women access to affordable contraception and annual screenings for breast and cervical cancer. >> i have that message to john boehner. act like a speaker of the house and not like a speaker of the republicans. >> it will probably be well into the late afternoon between 3 and 5:00 p.m. that the senate will send it back to the cr and that leaves the house with limited options and limited time. >> i think the house will get back together in enough time and send a provision to fund the government and few options for
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the senate to look at again. >> there is speculation that the house would fund the government for a short time 24 or 48 hours and told from our producer, that is a nonstarter on the september side. back to you. >> we'll be talking to many senators and congressman about what is happening. netanyahu is beginning the meeting with the president and it is played out in the white house now. let's listen. have you had conversations with speaker boehner. >> i am not at all resigned and i will have a chance to speak more with him this afternoon and may have further thoughts for the press as the day goes on. but the bottom line is, the senate has passed a bill that
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keeps the government open, does not have a lot of issues to it that allows us to then negotiate a longer term budget and address a range of issues and insures we are not shutting down the government or the economy at a time when a lot of families out there are just getting traction and digging themselves out of the hole as a consequence of the financial crisis. congress has two responsibilities. pass a budget and pay the bills. and i am not only open to, but eager to have negotiations around a long- term budget that makes sure that we are investing in middle-class families and helping the economy grow and giving people who are working hard a leg up and greater security and stability and deals
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with our long- term challenges in terms of debt and deficits. the only way to do that is for everybody to sit down in good faith without threatening to harm woman and veterans and children, with a government shutdown and certainly we can't have any kind of meaningful negotiations under the cloud of potential default, the first in u.s. history. there is not a world leader if you take a poll who would say it would be responsible for consistent with america's leadership in the world for us not to pay our bills. we are the foundation of the world economy. and the world financial system. our currency is the reserve currency of the world. we don't mess with that. and we certainly don't allow
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domestic policy differences on issues that are unrelated to the budget to endanger not only our economy but the world economy. so i suspect that i will be spoking to the leaders today, tomorrow and the next day. but there is a pretty straightforward solution to this. if you set aside the short- term politics, and you look at long- term here, it simply requires that everybody is to act responsibly and do what is right for the more than people. all right. thank you very much, everybody. >> and now from the white house, his words not at all. and he will speak with congressional leaders throughout the day. and he's meeting with the israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu and we'll talk to john
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polton in a matter of minutes on that topic. >> what will the senate do today? we are expecting votes tone 2 and 5 east other than today. what happens next. we'll ask the chairman of the senate republican policy, senator, hello. >> hello. >> let me get you to respond to what the president just said. you perhaps just heard him. i am open and eager to negotiations on the budget. but we need to sit down in good faith without threatening woman, children and veterans. >> sound like scare tactics to me, allison. the president should have been involved in this process earlier on. i listened as you played the response to the questions in the news conference. and he kept talking about middle class families and jobs and the economy. the biggest impediment to jobs
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and greater take home pay is obama care. republicans on capitol hill are trying to find a way to keep the american people and the economy from having to deal with the harmful impacts of the harmful law. >> and yet, senator, the majority leader in the senate harry reid will not help pass legislation that defunds or delays obama care. so you are at loggerheads. how will you break the impasse? >> it would be great for five democrats to break with the party and delay it for a year. the impact that it is on the american pock bock. what will likely happen. he will strip the language out dealing with obama care and send it back to the house and what
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does the house do with that? at this point we'll wait and so? they could put other provisions and send a short term cr that would fund the government for a short period of time until a bigger negotiation going forward. >> it doesn't sound like you are optimistic that something will happen before midnight. is the government shutting down? >> we are doing everything to prevent it. and that's why the house acted and we are waiting for the senate to come back and the democrats in the senate and president are anxious to have a shutdown. they have no interest in moving quickly to deal with this. i hope that can be prevented and we'll see. it will depend on what happens between now and midnight tonight. and the idea perhaps if it is necessary to have a short term cr to bridge and get to a longer term agreement may be
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a possibility. i think the reality is we are hours away now and we are going to have to one way or the other deal with it. i hope we don't have a shutdown. and that's what the republicans are doing to prevent. >> what are you saying, senator to the 800,000 or so and nonessential workers that so the paychecks cut tomorrow if you don't find a continuing resolution now? >> it is totally unnecessary, allyson. it doesn't have to happen and it is speculative to think of what might happen tomorrow. obviously preparations are being made and every office is preparing for that. it is so unnecessary and if the democrats and presidents were willing to negotiate at all on any of. this the president said no negotiation. you are going to take it the way i want it and that is true on the debt limit and that is
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unreasonable position to take. the american people want us to work together and made it absolutely clear, they are not fans of obama care and want relief from that from the congress. >> senator john thune, thank you for taking time out of your day and we'll see what happens. >> i heard wiggle room in his answer. >> the game of ping-pong over the budget is expected to continue throughout the evening and the senate sends the version back to the house. we are on that for headlines. >> opening arguments for the retrial of amanda knox are wrapping up. witness and her y in court as boyfriend are no where to be seen. >> hi stakes between benjamin netanyahu and president obama. that is four days after the president called the iowa rannian leader by telephone.
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>> we'll take you to italy where opening arguments wrapped up in the retrial of american exchange student amanda knox without the star defendant being present. she was a quited after serving four years behind bars. itily's high court decided to retry the case citing contradictions. prosecutors say knox was an accessory in the murder of meredith kercher. >> she is in washington state. >> president obama and benjamin netanyahu is talk nothing a high stakes meeting in the united states. he is warning the united states about teheran and the intentions. ambassador john boltop and former un ambassador.
10:17 am
how are you? we quick off our program hq1. >> what does benjamin netanyahu say in the meeting? >> he is warning the president that iran are expert at the pea and walnut shell and buying time and moving the program around and making surface concessions and never coming to a deal. we have seen this negotiation pattern for the last ten years or more. and netanyahu is very worried that obama doesn't understand the history and doesn't understand the risks of getting in a protracted negotiation and will try to educate him. >> would the israelis made aware of the phone call that took place on friday before it happen? >> i doubt it seriously. i think the white house was leaking like it a ceive that the
10:18 am
white house wanted the handshake. everybody was surprised in the president who called rouhani who deigned to take the phone call. >> why did he sought out the iranian leader. telephone conversation and the handshake falling to the side. >> the president gave clear notice back in the 2008 campaign and in the inaugural address. we'll hold out our hand if iran and north korea will unclench theirs if. he believes he can negotiate a comprehensive solution to the differences between u.s. and iran that have existed since known 79. and most importantly the nuclear weapons program. >> what does he believe that that will get us? >> i think the president must believe that the united states
10:19 am
is really part of the problem. and with the pro from dover during the negotiation and relief all of iowa ran's fears of the united states and strength and provocative nature and convince them they don't need nuclear weapons. i think that is delougzal. but that is what the president thinks. two yearing ago we had a meeting from benjamin netanyahu and president obama. the president had a few opening remarks and benjamin netanyahu spoke uninterrupted and has their relationship changed since then, do you believe? >> i think the personal relationship is probably better. it is hard to imagine getting too much worse. i don't think the personal relationship has much to do with the fundmentally different interest that netanyahu sees for israel and obama sees for the united states. i can't say it more clearly than
10:20 am
this. obama fears an israel strike against the iran nuclear program more than the nuclear weapon from iran. he doesn't understand iran with nuclear weapons changes the balance of power. you think oil prices will spike after the israel attack on the nuclear program. imagine what happens once iowa ran gets the nuclear weapon. netanyahu is closer to iran and closer to the ballistic missiles that iran has been developing and much more worried and as frankly our president should be. >> we are waiting for the head line after the meeting. john bolton, thank you for your time. >> what is next? >> the department of justice is sowing over one state's voter id laws and what it could mean for voters across the country. >> we will not simply stand by as the voice was those affected
10:21 am
by the proposal that we have seen including north carolina minority communities impacted by the provision and are shut out of the process of self governance.
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>> fox news alert. update on a shooting that caused a panic in a popular mall not far from new york city. fox news confirming that the bodies of the man going into the shooting spree was found. he burst in a long island business where he worked a week ago. fatally shooting one and rounding the founder and owner of the business. the incident caused a fear@mall. kim's body is said to be recovered from the hudson river.
10:25 am
his body was found over the weekend. >> the department of justice taking on north carolina and suing that state over the new voter id law. this latest move to counter a supreme court ruling that the doj said the new law threatens the voting rights of minorities. and stove is live for us in washington. >> the lawsuit was filed today challenging key portions of the north carolina law and dealing with the id environment and early voting. attorney general erebbing holder in a nows conference here in dc said the law had the intent and affect of discriminating against african-american by disporargzately limiting the elector electoral ba lloting. and the north carolina law requires a photoid but not
10:26 am
student or employee or issued by public assistance agency. and cuts back on the number of early voting days and prohibits registering and voting on the same day and casting ballots by eligible votering in the wrong precinct. the attorney general doesn't buy it. >> the proof of that is simply not there. all of the studies that i have seen and reputable indicate the concern about vote fraud is something that is made up in order to justify these restrictive and i think at a minimum partisan actions. >> the supreme court last june struck down a key provision of the voting rights act and holder said it is an attempt to use the remaining portion of the law to prevent voting rights that are shrinking rather than expanding as a result of laws like the one in north carolina.
10:27 am
there muches no immediate comment from the officials in north carolina. >> thank you, steve for the update, bill? >> there was an emotional moment for a sports fan. still suffering brain injuries in a beating that followed the opener of the 2011 season in los angeles. now requires 24 hour care which his family said it not covered by insurance. in the past three games, giants donated $10 from each ticket solid to help with his recovery. the community has embraced him and taken him and his family in. >> nice to see him smiling. >> how are you doing? >> it stretched it out. >> you think a slow down. >> 27 minutes in. >> too fast for me. thanks, bill.
10:28 am
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>> fox news alert for you now. you can see jay carney has just
10:32 am
taken to the podium in the white house briefing room. we expect him to address the ongoing budget battle that could result in a government shutdown less than 12 hours from now. we'll listen in for and you soon as he addresses that, we'll bring you any and all news. wheenl congressman johnson will join us and tell us what is happening in capitol hill in regard to this. >> hi, allyson how are you? >> i am doing well. the senate is expected to shoot down the legislation. harry reid doesn't like the delay or defund obama care. and so they will kick it back to you in a half an hour if they vote on it and then what, what would you do? >> we'll go in conference at 2 o'clock to determine that allyson. i don't understand why this has to be an either or proposition.
10:33 am
the american people made it clear that they don't and they have major concerns about the health care law and they don't want the federal government to shut down. house republicans and colleagues have been here all weekend ready to go to work and i wish senator reid would come to the table and have a discussion for what is right for the american people. >> you want a tax on medical devices spiked. get rid of that. that seems like something democrats could get their handed around. is there a talk of getting rid of obama care and keeping that in as a compromise? >> we'll see as we deputy in kfrps. the american device tax has a lot of bipartisan sent to get rid of. we are shipping jobs over seas and killing jobs here at home in america and making costs go up
10:34 am
for medical devices go up all over the country. it makes sense to do that. >> what else do you have on the drawing board and ideas do you have? talk of getting rid of congressional exemption and having democrats defend why they would have different health care than other americans? >> i have long took the position that congress shouldn't be exempted from anything that the american people have to live by, and i certainly don't think that congressman or women or their staff should get exceptions that the american people don't get. i am a military veteran of 26 and half years. i didn't accept the congressional health care plan. i am happy with the same health care that veterans get. >> dow think that the government will shut down in less than 12 hours? >> i hope not. that is not in the best interest
10:35 am
of the american people. it depends on how serious the senate is about doing their job. why come back at 2 o'clock and present an either or my highway solution. it is beyond me. >> they have said they don't want anything that delays or defunds obama care, is there room for cop promise? and do you have something up your sleeve to avert a government shutdown? >> how is that compromise. a compromise is everyone sitting down in the table and walking away with something. leadership is not wearing a title and sit nothing an office. it is influencing results and out come. real leaders make tough decisions and they need to come to the table and let's negotiate. >> they would say that obama care is already law. and they say to republicans, why
10:36 am
not let it live or die? >> how did it become law? >> because a democratic control house and senate passed and that's how legislation becomes law. we can change that law if we find out it is not the right thing for the american people. and that's what we are asked to do. and this is part of the process and elected to do. >> you would be satisfied if they vote to delay obama care, that's the only way you would be satisfied with a compromise today? >> i am not saying that is the only way i would be satisfied. that is certainly a viable solution and what the american people asked for. we'll find out what is on the table. >> what do you say to people who will be losing the jobs and nonessential workers at midnight will see the paychecks cut. what do you say to them congress can't get their act together
10:37 am
after all of this time? >> it is a terrible thing that congress can't come together and do what is right. i was on active duty when the last government shutdown occurred and i remember what the uncertainty did to the men and women under my command. and it is not a good thing for our seniors, veterans and people all over the country. >> congressman bill johnson, good luck, and we'll wait to see what happens this afternoon. >> we are about 12 hours away from a major dead line for many americans. how will health care change for you? reservations we are expressing and whether or not a delay is out of the question. headlines on that, next.
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>> bill, it is time to check in with grechin carlsson on what is next of the debut of the real
10:41 am
story. >> congratulations to the two of you as well. you are doing a great job. coming up on the first day of the real story, donald trump. he and i had a long history together and we'll explain and we'll get his take on obama care and stalemate in dc. and governor sarah palin is calling those in congress slushing dogs. why? we'll find out. and what did warren buffet have to say about the breaking bad finale. tune in at 2 o'clock on the real story at the top of the hour. >> grechin, congratulations to you as well. are you excited? >> totally. i love to see you two together. you make a great team. >> thank you. thanks. you saw us back stage getting ready and that was maybe more to see. >> used to seeing that side of you ally. >> that's true. we'll be watching and look forward to it.
10:42 am
>> see you in the top of the hour. we are only two hours away from the rather several hours of the roll out of obama care. health exchanges set to go live tomorrow. house speaker john boehner warns that the law is not ready and the others in the administration said it is final and will not change. >> no one knows what the rules are and employers are scared to hire new employees and cutting the hours of many current employees and for what reason? this law is not ready for prime time. >> i can tell you on the operational front we'll continue to move forward on the affordable care act. and we are less than 24 hours away from open enrollment in the new marketplace. >> right now, what about those new marketplaces? >> gentle men. did i say good morning, that is
10:43 am
force of habit. good afternoon. brad, i get the sense it is a soft sale. like you go into it easy and soft launch and make sure no major glitches so that folks like us don't have much to talk about. what is your sense of tomorrow. >> no sale. the president knows it is not ready for prime time because he delayed the employer man date and they don't have to comply and individuals do. they don't know where to go or how to enroll or what their liability is going to be. and they do know that their exchanges in many states are undefined. is it the state or federal government that is going to take over? lawsuits are rampant as to obligations. and the bill as speaker boehner said it is not ready for prime time.
10:44 am
and how can they possibly enroll in something they don't know how to begin? >> bernard, is it an embarrassment for the democrats? >> i don't think so. brad, i like you. you are chicken little. the sky is not falling. the affordable care act demonstrated benefits to over 100 million americans. and others got preventative care and probably saving tens of thousands of lives. 13 million americans who now have coverage. what is tomorrow about? an opportunity for the first set of 25 or 30 million americans to be able to get access to health care that they previously haven't had. medicaid rolls and those people without health insurance is falling by more than half. it is a beta and soft launch and the real test will not be what happens tomorrow but the next six months. >> you are right about that six
10:45 am
months. and you make a good point about that. but the measuring stick is high. because the white house put out numbers that they must meet and you are watching the barometers as we go forward. brad, you believe that the law falls apart in the grassroots level; what do you mean by that? >> here is the problem, bill. grassroots level. people don't know the expectations or obligations are under the law. number two. this law is dependent upon millions and millions of young people signing up. remember social security when it was founded, seven people were paying in for every one recipient. they nooez needs those numbers to make the health care affordable. i don't believe that is going to happen. and what you are going to see in the near future, the youth taking the 95 penalty than pay
10:46 am
a 2500 premium. you don't have the numbers we don't have it paying out. >> what is your prediction. that is important. >> my prediction is what are we getting out of this. lower health care costs. this is forcing the health insurance companies and providers of health care to compete. we haven't had properly contribution before. >> come back to the question. young people need to buy in are you saying they will? >> people coming off health insurance will not buy in right away. a lot of young people starting off with families who are going to buy into the system. it is a three year phase in to get 25 million people on board. those people who have families who are married and more likely to. but i got to tell you. >> the people if they don't buy,
10:47 am
the math doesn't add up. >> it doesn't add up. assuming everybody bought in which is not going to happen. there is not a competition that benard talked about. big insurance companies that leave virginia and new jersey saying it is too onerous for us to complete and so we are opting out. there is no forcing by the government for insurance companies to do business in those states, and the pool is shrinking, bill. it is shrinking in states where there are only 2 or 3 available options for health care and the president promised dozens. >> if that is the case, gentlemen and the math doesn't add up. 2 or 5 years from now. there is only one way to cover. that raise taxes. >> benard, is that the future of the law? >> first of all, no, it is not. the fact is competition is there. blue cross announced they are going to offer 150 health care
10:48 am
products in 30 states. companies that can't figure out how to compete will exit the market. and people are going to understand they can get quality care at reasonable prices. >> if that is the case. >> wlak will say you are right. >> of course you will. >> it is not going to happen and here's why. health care medicare, medicaid is going bust. if we can't improve the health care we were obligated for decades why is this new system going to work. it isn't. >> setting the bar low and benard is going high. >> it will take time. >> we'll see if it measures up. >> thank you. allyson? >> here is a story. cnn decided to cancel the documentary about former
10:49 am
secretary of state hillary clinton. the director backed out and saying no one wanted to talk to him. republicans and democrats and even the clintons themselves wanted nothing to do withit. you may remember when plans were first announced about the document. the rnc banned cnn from hosting the primary debates. >> we have run when you don't have cooperation from democrats or republica republicans. >> in a moment here, talk about a bold move. broad daylight. the whole thing was caught on tape there. >> plus a heartwarming event in the big apple honoring a 9/11 here row and our wounded war owes. details in a live report for you next. you can prevent gas with beano meltaways,
10:50 am
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wait till you see this video. it's a brazen dog napping caught on camera. this surveillance footage captured the whole thing. it shows a man pulling up to a driveway here. this is in los angeles. a home in los angeles. police say the suspect spent about 45 minutes at this home watching his car and walking around like he owned the place. he then hopped the fence and stole the owner's dog. the owner says he is stunned because we had no idea who this guy is or why we would do something like this. that suspect remains on the loose. >> not for long. >> exactly. somebody will spot him and that dog and will get it returned, i hope. >> license plate right there. >> that helps. >> what's the name of the dog, do you know? >> no. but i'll get that for you. >> rover, come home.
10:54 am
we're counting on you. >> i think we can do it. emotional event here in new york city. thousands turns out for the tunnel to towers 5-k run and walk that honors the legacy of a man by the name of stephen siller. a firefighter who gave his life in the aftermath of the attacks at the twin tower. trace gallagher live in our west coast newsroom. how are you? >> i'm good, bill. this really has helped so many of those wounded warriors, in fact, building some custom homes for the most severely wounded veterans. the tunnel to towers race is now drawing firefighters from all around world. believe it or not, a lot of these guys actually run this race in full gear because that's what stephen siller did back on the morning of 9/11. siller had just gotten off the late shift. he was planning to play golf with his brother when the first plane hit theer called his wife he'd be late. went back to the station, fwrabed his gear. when we got to battery tunnel it was blocked off. he strapped on 60 pounds of
10:55 am
gear, ran through the tunnel to try to find his company and help the people who needed him, taking his final heroic steps to the world trade center. here's former new york mayor rudy giuliani at the race. >> what we're doing is remembering stephen ran through that tunnel in order to help people when he could have run the other way. or didn't have to run at all. he was on duty at 4:00 that afternoon. not that morning. >> siller's widow said, i'm quoting here, this day is extraordinary. it's not only a day for us to remember, to reflect, but it's also a day for us to move forward and run and help others who need us now. 25,000 plus runners joined the race, making their way from brooklyn to the world trade center. they raised $2 million in the process and since 2002, bill, they have raised $35 million. not just helping veterans, but also helping children who have lost parents in recent years, both military, firefighters, you name it. >> so many of them are such an
10:56 am
inspiration, trace. thanks for sharing that. trace gallagher in our west coast newsroom. a financial legend gives his tips on the possibility of a government shutdown. donald trump is up next with his advice. that's on the premiere of gretchen carlson's new show "the real story." it's a modern day look who's talking. some twitter happy parents post their funniest quotes from their kids. we will read those to you, coming up.
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all right, phil, i know you love twitter. >> uh-huh, go. >> here are a few of the best parents tweets that are hilarious that showed up over the weekend. the first one, did i brush my hair with some of my kids' baby powder this morning in lieu of taking a shower? none of your business. >> i think we know the answer.
11:00 am
if you ever worn a baby carrier for more than an hour, you totally get why sacajawea deserves her own coin. >> i will see you here tomorrow. >> fantastic. we'll take your advice on twitter, too. thanks so much. "the real story" with gretchen carlson starts right now. >> we start "the real story" today with a fox news alert. the ball in the senate's court now. just now back in session, trying to hash out a deal to stop our government from actually shutting town tonight. everything from federal loans to military pay just hours away from being in jeopardy. plus, amanda knox back on trial in an italian courtroom two years after her acquittal. we'll tell you why and why she is not there. and says she's not going to be there. and donald trump is in the house. how he says we can solve the budget showdown and what he thinks about the push to defund obama care. it's time to get real.


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